The system of working with the clients will be similar for all the services offered. the client will book a tufting session online and pay through the Tufting Time website. Then, the person will be asked to send a picture of their desired rug design. By the time the client arrives on the day of tufting, The staff would have prepared the working space and led the customer to a canvas with an outline of the design they chose. After a thorough explanation on the process of tufting the client is free to choose the colour and quantity of yarn and so the magic begins!

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Easy Rug

For those who aren't as keen on the personalization of their creation we will offer a selection of our designs and lower the price fee on their rug.


Grande rug

the session of carpentry will last four hours including a detailed training from our instructors.


Petite Rug

The small rug service provides all the usual amenities but is exceptional in size and


About Company

Tufting Time is a niche workshop designed to deliver joy, inner-peace and a sense of accomplishment through the making of rugs.
Tufting is a textile manufa turing technique made of yarn. Most commonly tufting is applied in carpentry and decorations. Mechanically, tufting is completed with a beginner friendly
tufting gun which inserts bits of yarn onto a canvas like material thus creating a unique pattern. In our workshop, people will be offered to create their own personally designed rug from start to finish. Our core values are Safety, customer satisfaction, creativity, inclusivity, and continuous improvement.

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Ekaterina Rakhbarmadani​

My name is Ekaterina Rakhbarmadani - I am the founder and CEO of Tufting Time. Previously, for six years (2006-2014) I have been a chief executive officer of a high level successful dry cleaning business working with governmental projects such as public hospitals and conglomerate hotel companies. I veered from my career in 2014 to focus on nurturing my children and building a family however when my familial interests have been taken care of,I took back the reigns and continue constructing my career. In 2020 i acclaimed a beauty salon business 'Nail Moda'; as i battled through the pandemic i refurbished my skills on the intricacies of leading a business. Three years later, Nail Moda is a thriving business and I look forward to expanding my influence into another branch of work.Since childhood I was fascinated with handcrafting and precise needle work. I am skillful in an array of fields from sowing to crocheting to knitting. A relatively new addition to my arsenal of skills has been the art of tufting. Last year I discovered the carpentry technique and over time my adoration for the hobby grew into something significant. I decided to share the joy of tufting with others and thus the carpentry workshop Tufting Time emerged.